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  • Have you considered consigning? Make money on your unwanted items! In general, all shops accept only clean merchandise in excellent condition. Clothing shops accept seasonal clothing and usually require garments be on hangers.

  • Each shop has its own consignment rules and policies. Be sure you are given a contract and fully understand how the store will handle your merchandise. Ask how and when payment will be made.

  • Most shops allow you to reclaim unsold merchandise. Some shops will provide tax receipts for donated articles.

  • If possible, include appraisal documents for high-end priced items (jewelry, furs and designer bags).

  • All rodeo attire including leather and boots must be picked up by March 31st or they become property of B'Dazzled.
  • All furs and fur accessories must be picked up by April 30th or they become property of B'Dazzled.

Consignment Guidelines For B'Dazzled

  • Please do not remove designer name labels, size tags and 'care' tags if you can avoid it. By removing these labels you depreciate the resale price of the garments and accessories.

  • B'Dazzled is a 60 day resale boutique.  It is the responsibility of the consignor to locate and pick up items before the 60 day period.   It is necessary to call and make an appointment 24 hours before pulling the items.  On the 61st day, the item(s) become the sole property of B'Dazzled.  Note: Consignors may not pick up item(s) on Saturdays.
  • Whatever items are sold from the 1st day to the last day of the month, and the dollar amount is $40 or more, a check will be available for pickup on the last day of the following month.
  • B'Dazzled bank checks are voided after 90 days.  A bank fee of $25 will be charged for re-issuing of voided and/or lost consignment checks. 
  • We ask you bring everything dry cleaned, pressed and on hangers.

  • Each item must have labels, all buttons in tact, zippers working, no stains, no smoke odors, no snags and/or holes.
  • Designer shoes/boots must be cleaned inside and out; soles and heels in good shape and/or never worn.
  • Please include boxes of the designer shoes/boots.
  • We accept designer belts, hats, scarves, purses, wallets, jewelry, cocktail/after five, leather/suede...anything to make an outfit complete. 
  • Handbags must be authentic....Absolutely no faux/fakes or copies will be accepted.
  • B'Dazzled and/or its staff will not be responsible or financially liable for stolen items. This is stated in the written consignment agreement signed by all consignors. 
  • All furs & fur accessories must be picked up on or before April 30th or they become the property of B'Dazzled.


Hours of Consignment
Monday - Friday
10:30 AM - 4:30 PM

B'Dazzling Boutiquish Bungalow

1128 Milam Street

Columbus, TX  78034


(In the Historical District Across From the Colorado County Courthouse)

Monday - Friday

11:00 AM - 5:00 PM


11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Later Hours Available By Appointment Only. 

B'Dazzled provides full service complimentary home pick up, closet analysis & organizing all at the same time.  B'Dazzled also provides delivery of donations to shelters and/or any designated non-profit organization on behalf of the customer. 

References Available Upon Request

If you have any questions please call the store in your area or contact owner

Debbie Damon at 281-222-6996 (Cell).

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment to consign clothing or

for extended hour private shopping, please call.


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